Wemomslife Reveals How to Teach Saving to Kids

As a parent, you want to give your children a head start by teaching them the value of saving money. By introducing them to saving early, you are allowing them to get used to the thought early. With this, you help them become successful in handling money from their younger years to adulthood.

All parents give allowance money to their kids. Unfortunately, only a few save their allowance money. This is not a good indication for the next generation’s financial health. Making kids realize the importance of saving is challenging but if you help develop disciplined spending habits, they will start focusing on their budget and cutting expenses when needed.

Here are some tips on how to teach saving to kids:

Teaching kindergarten and elementary school kids according to Wemomslife

Remember that saving money has no age limit. Bear in mind that when you discuss money matters with your kids, it can help them make smart choices in the future. It will feel awkward at first but do not let it keep you from teaching valuable lessons in life. Other tips include:

  • Lead by example: You will always be your kid’s important role model. How can you expect that they understand the value of saving when you do not save? It is important that you practice what you preach. By doing this, you are showing to your kids that it is possible to live within your means.
  • Give faux money: Instead of giving cash, it is helpful in your cause to give your children faux or fake money. By giving them this, you are giving them the freedom to spend it through you rather than giving real money that they can use without any supervision. You can start with colorful faux cash if you want to train your kids on paid chores.
  • Shun the “open wallet” policy: Even if you can afford to buy things for your kids, it will do them a lot of good in the future if you avoid giving an open line of credit. If you do not give in easily, your kids will realize the purchasing power of money. As a result, they will learn to evaluate their choices and weigh in advantages and disadvantages. Simply put, you should get used to telling your kids no.
  • Disciplining through praise and tough love: If you want to instill fiscal discipline, you should use a combination of praise and tough love. When your kids make a deposit in his/her piggy bank, it is right to praise them. If you are feeling generous, you can consider a treat like maybe an extra hour of screen time. If your kids want to buy something they do not have money for, be strong when the temptation strikes. Wemomslife.com recommends that you help them understand that because of their little purchases and not saving appropriately, they do not have enough money for major purchases they want.

Coaching saving to adolescents

It is challenging to teach savings to an adolescent. However, if you already trained your kids early on, you need a few polishing. Teaching saving to adolescents includes:

  • Open a custodial bank: Once you trust that your kids are old enough to make their

own spending and savings decisions, you have to encourage them to open a custodial bank account in their name. If you do this, they will have basic financial management concepts. As a result, it will avoid any pitfalls in the future.

  • Teach why it is important to avoid high-interest debts: If you want to start teaching them the pitfalls of high-interest debts, do not let them use credit cards altogether.

Preparing for high school and beyond

Before your kids take first steps into the labor market, you need to help them understand the following:

  • Teach kids about pay and taxes: It is crucial that you let your kids understand the difference between gross pay and net pay. If you have an accountant, you should take your kids to your appointment, so they will see that even grown-ups have to make choices.
  • Involve them in money decisions: As your kids get older, the best thing to do is to involve them in financial decisions. Examples of money decisions include buying a house or a car.

Remember that you influence the financial growth of your kids. If you do not teach them early on, they will struggle in the future when it comes to making financial decisions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your kids know how to manage or even grow their own money in the future. It is never too early to start discussing money. Teaching about saving is a lifelong process.

7. Tips to Consider when Picking a Drug Rehab for Yourself or a Loved One
Deciding to enter a rehab can be a life-changing and wonderful commitment. Each rehab has their own unique way of dealing with the needs of a drug addict.
If you are new to rehabilitation center and don’t have any idea how they actually work, consider the below-mentioned tips while searching for a reliable Arizona drug rehab center.

• There are countless rehab centers available in the country, ranging from quiet, country-side centers to major city rehabs. You need to choose in accordance with your taste and preference whether you like to enjoy a peaceful environment or the hustle and bustle city life experience.
• Every patient is different their own way. Therefore, the treatments should be customized. As we know one size does not fit all; there are rehab facilities whose treatmentsare based on the individual’s addiction, psychological disorders, medical issues, and other issues.

drug rehab

  • There are countless rehab centers available in the country, ranging from quiet, country-side centers to major city rehabs. You need to choose in accordance with your taste and preference whether you like to enjoy a peaceful environment or the hustle and bustle city life experience.
  • Every patient is different their own way. Therefore, the treatments should be customized. As we know one size does not fit all; there are rehab facilities whose treatmentsare based on the individual’s addiction, psychological disorders, medical issues, and other issues.
  • Always consider a rehab facility that is licensed, certified, and accredited. It is very important to check the credentials as you need to get proper treatment and doctors and you just can’t rely on any unregistered center.
  • Determine the cost involved in the particular treatment and the role of insurance. The cost varies from program to program. Therefore, check the cost of your program depending on your length of treatment, location, and size. Also, inquire if your insurance plan can cover your cost.
  • Many rehab facilities offer various alternative therapies. The alternative therapies include pet therapy, nutrition program, art therapy, cooking, gardening, massage, exercise classes, and more.
  • If you want the involvement of your family during your recovery, check for the facility. There are certain rehab centers which include the role offamily during the treatment procedure such as by making family counseling a part of the treatment, arranging specific meetings or activities which involve family.
  • Choose a rehab facility according to its atmosphere. Some centers tend towards more medical/clinical atmosphere while others are a bit relaxed and have a retreat type of atmosphere.

Thus, there are many aspects to look for while searching for a rehab center for you or your loved ones. The area mentioned above will help you to search and find the ideal rehab center for your needs.

Acne – The Literal Pain on the Face – How to Deal with it

The onset of adolescence poses a plethora of physiological and psychological changes affecting both the body and mind. Prominent among these changes are the visible red eruptions on the face, called as Acne. Prompted by hormonal disturbances and lifestyle changes, adolescents fall prey to this aggravated condition.
Robbing the face of its natural beauty, acne commonly called pimples can be cured by adopting simple home remedies that can provide the much needed relief from pain as well as embarrassment. Avoiding the usage of harmful chemicals and exorbitantly priced facial scrubs, these natural remedies are a gentle reminder to our grand mom’s time tested concoctions!

Whether one has oily skin or not; acne is something that every adolescent goes through in a particular age! However, if you possess oily skin or a T-zone on your facial skin, then you can always use the best foundation for oily skin whenever you plan to go out with your friends for a day out or shopping or even to parties. While makeup and the foundation for oily skin are always there to hide the flaws of your skin, it is always good to attend the oily skin and acne issues with natural remedies. Here are a few proven remedies that you can try in order to cure your facial skin from the acne and acne scars.

**The Cheap and Best Natural Concoctions **

1. Yoghurt and Honey – The perfect combo
While tasting delicious in their own separate ways, a combination of low fat yoghurt with a tablespoon of natural honey when applied to acne help in controlling the bacterial action in addition to retaining the moisture content in the affected area.

2. Egg Whites – the natural way to blemish free skin
Blemishes visible alongside acne are another issue that needs to be tackled. Egg whites, the high protein substitutes come handy in fading these deep scars by absorbing excess sebum (oil) by actually drying the skin. However, a word of advice to complete this regime with a liberal application of a good moisturizer for a supple and well hydrated face.

3. Papayas – healthy to eat and easy to apply
Ripe papayas while serving as carotene rich fruits consumed for breakfast help are an excellent remedy for ache in their raw form. Raw papaya laden with an enzyme called papain is best in combating the inflammation (swelling) caused on account of the adamant acne. Exfoliating the skin of dead cells, raw papaya helps in removing excess lipids, thereby making the face smooth and glowing.

4. Paste from orange peels
Bright looking juicy and pulpy oranges are a temptation for everyone to consume. Having enjoyed the fruit, acne prone people can store the peels to be used as a paste on the inflamed area. Rich in vitamin C, citric acid and astringent properties make this fruity concoction a healthy procedure for glowing skin, promoting growth of new facial cells.

5. Strawberries and Honey – the sweet and sour remedy
Another tantalizing recipe that appeals to the palate of people is the mixture of strawberries and honey. This effective mixture provides huge benefits in contrast to costly medical products. Strawberries loaded with salicylic acid are an ideal remedy to beat acne, which is also provided in the commercial remedies for treating acne. Honey apart from lending its anti-inflammatory benefits wages a tough fight against bacteria causing acne.

6. A banana peel can work wonders too
The energy rich banana has lots to offer to mankind even in the form of its non-eatable peel. Containing loads of lutein, the peel works as a great source as an antioxidant in addition to providing visible benefits of anti-inflammation. Free from soreness, stroking a banana peel on the affected area does magic!

**So don’t worry! **
Help is just round the corner of every kitchen. Just go ahead and make the most of these natural solutions to flaunt flawless skin and enjoy the rush of adolescence without bothering about the scars that it may leave.
**Do you have skin tags? You can cover them with the best foundation for oily skin**
It’s normal for people to have skin tags. They are mostly the size of a grain or rice. Skin Tags are benign and non-cancerous tumors of the skin which does not have any symptoms. The only harm it can cause is to the self-esteem of a person. If a skin tag unsightly appears, its fine to live with it, but if it appears somewhere on the face or neck, it can be a little embarrassing. It can cause a little irritation if rubbed or scratched against any clothing or jewelry and sometimes while shaving.
Skin tags are composed of a core of ducts and fibers, fat cells, nerve cells, and an epidermis or covering. The surface of the skin tags may be smooth and irregular in shape and size. They are usually flesh colored or brown in color.
**They can be most commonly because of:-**
• Over weight
• Diabetes
• Pregnancy
• Hereditary
• Use of Steroid (Steroids cause Collagen fibers in the skin to bond and thus forms skin tags)

**Hair and makeup ideas with best foundation for oily skin**
There are different hair dos and makeup styles to suit different occasions and different individuals. Depending on the need of the hour and one’s pocket, one can choose the style of flaunting. Though one can carry herself the same daily way even for a special occasion but there is nothing wrong in looking little different and stylish for some special days. Hair and makeup with best foundation for oily skin can do wonders and enhance one’s beauty. You just need to choose the right style and you are ready to hit the floor. Use the right form of make up with the foundation for oily skin and you can look great in parties, on a day out with friends and more.
Remember you are a beautiful person and no one can take that beauty away from you. So smile and laugh out loud and live to the fullest and love yourself.

5. All You Need To Know About Yacon Syrup And Its Benefits

The fast track life of today makes it impossible for anyone to focus on their health. In the race for success we hardly have time to look after our health. We are constantly on the move. And on the move, we usually have little time to spare and look after our food habits. We prefer the ready-to-eat food options that are quick to cook or the readily available and ubiquitous fast food. It saves us considerable amount of time. But at the same time we end up ingesting a lot of calories and cholesterol in our body. So the challenge for us is to either manage our daily routines in a way that we have time to cook fresh and healthy food that is good for our healthy and body, or we find a simple yet healthy way to lose those extra calories that we are ingesting day in and day out.

What is Yacon Syrup?

Well, this miraculous syrup is one brilliant option to counter this challenge of maintaining a healthy body. It is made of the Smallanthus sonchifolius plant – the Yacon plant, found on the Andes Mountains of Southern America (in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru etc). The syrup is extracted from the tuberous roots of the plant. The tuberous root of the Yacon plant is a soluble fibre. The syrup is obtained by distilling and evaporating the juice of the tuber. It tastes sweet, and some may say that the taste is similar to maple syrup. Others may compare its taste with caramel. This is extensively used as a sweetener and those who get hold of it completely substitute sugar with this syrup. This is because when consumed, most of it passes the body undigested. Also, half of it consists of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which is also present in onions, ginger etc but not as much as it is present in Yacon. This miraculous syrup works in an exceptional way, but it should also be kept in mind that other necessary steps to stay healthy and fit like exercise, diet regulation etc are also necessary. For best results this syrup should be taken as a supplement and not a substitute.

Some important facts related to regular intake of Yacon

Yacon syrup has been widely acclaimed by both health professionals and customers. When you take Yacon syrup on a regular basis, it helps in suppressing your appetite. On the one hand, you are not eating as much as earlier. This means that your body has lesser calories to process and burn. The deficit is covered by burning the stored calorie reserves of your body. This subsequently leads to increased rate of metabolism and reduction in weight. Fat and carbohydrate stored in your body is now burned at a faster rate resulting in weight loss. Appetite suppression and increasing metabolic rate are two approaches which when undertaken simultaneously can help in significant positive results.

Taking this syrup on a daily basis also helps you to completely reboot your body. Apart from helping in proper digestion, it also helps in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate. The net result is a reconditioned system whereby after taking yacon for long period, your body gets used to rejecting excess calories and absorbing only those nutrients that it needs. This in turn helps in maintaining a healthy body over a long period.
There are some side-effects of taking this syrup in large quantities. Higher dosage may lead to flatulence and bloating. So, only recommended doses must be taken. One must always ensure that a product suits one’s body. If there are any unwanted side effects then one must immediately stop the intake of yacon syrup.

What are the benefits of taking Yacon Syrup?

    Yacon syrup, as discussed, should be taken as a supplement rather than as a substitute. There are many benefits of taking Yacon Syrup on a regular basis. Apart from weight reduction, the top benefits of taking yacon are as follows:

  • High Fibre Content – For people who have digestion related problems such as indigestion, constipation, irregular and painful bowel movements etc, fibre is considered as an important dietary component. People usually are not mindful or aware of the amount of fibre they should consume in their diets. Fibre helps in easing out such troubles related to digestion. This syrup unlike other natural sweeteners has a lot of fibre. Yacon syrup can be of immense help in this regard, as adequate and regular consumption can help in relieving digestion related stress.
  • Helps in lowering cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar levels – Yacon syrup is of immense help for diabetics. It has a potential use as a sweetener, and can be therefore used as an alternative for sugar. It does not have any side-effects. It can be used as a sweetener by diabetics in their daily tea or coffee. Therefore, it helps in reducing the level of glucose in the blood. Additionally, this syrup also has properties that help in lowering the cholesterol levels amongst its regular users.
  • Increases bone density – In old age many people suffer from degenerative bone ailments such as arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis etc. These diseases are usually combated using a variety of calcium supplements or milk products. Yacon syrup is also helpful in this regard, and if taken regularly it can help in increasing the bone density. It helps in delaying the onset of such bone related ailments by fortification of the bones, particularly the spine.
  • Improves the functioning of immune system – The functioning of the immune system is very important. The immune system acts as a first line of defense against any external infection or threat. Since we eat unhealthy most of the times, the effectiveness of the immune system may be compromised thereby making us vulnerable to infections. The syrup also helps in boosting our immune system. It helps in protecting our body to defend us against any diseases or infections.
  • Increased energy levels – One of the added benefits of taking yacon syrup is that it provides energy to people who are low on energy during the day or are generally lethargic.

Diet and Workout for Breast Enhancement

Breasts are generally made of greasy connective tissues, alongside lymph hubs, lobules, milk channels and veins, yet no muscles. Thus, in what capacity will practice upgrade your bosoms when there are no muscles to develop? Behind your bosoms are the major and minor pectoral muscles that might be created, thusly improving your breasts by making them look firmer, fuller and perkier? How to get bigger boobs naturally with diet and exercises? While these activities won’t change a B mug to a D mug, it is a more common looking and healthier option to breast lift surgery. Notwithstanding why you need to make your boobs greater there are unquestionably a few things you can do to help your breasts create more.

How to get bigger boobs naturally with Diet:

At menstrual stream:

Medical exploration has demonstrated that breast back rub diminishes altogether menstrual stream. Along these lines, little blood will be lost in the cycle and the spared blood would be supplied to the breast to improve its development. Learn about how to get bigger boobs naturally here.

Bigger Breasts – It’s all in the Genes

Visible issues of adolescence manifest in many forms in girls. Teenage girls demonstrate a greater propensity to being self-conscious of the size of their breasts, longing for bigger boobs. Frustration on account of small size of breasts is the main cause of insecurity among women. Being the secondary sex organs, these are viewed primarily as assets which pronounce greater confidence, thus adding an overall appeal to a woman’s contour. Another factor of size is their ability to attract men, thus thrusting a lot of importance on the size of a woman’s breasts.

Most common misconceptions amongst women craving for bigger boobs

There exists no remedy in reality to augment the size of breasts, with no specific changes in diet that might have a profound effect on increasing their size. Women resorting to rigorous exercises to enlarge their breasts are in no way arriving at their destination as exercising tones up muscles and breasts which are devoid of any muscle don’t seem to benefit from an exercise regime. Another misunderstanding concerns the sleeping posture which hardly has any relevance to the size of the breasts.

How to get bigger boobs naturally with the of Use massage oil:

How to get bigger boobs naturally with massage oils? By using massage oil like the types Almond oil, coconut oil, and germanium oil there will be greater results to increase your breasts size. Mix oil drops of 8 to 9 drops of germanium oil with 20 drops of Ylangtlang oil which will be available in stores and by this mixture and in a base of 45ml of almond oil. These mixture of oils make a finite oil as a source to massage and rub this onto your breasts weekly thrice or four times and rub around all over breasts with good massage from bottom to up and also from rub around the areas of breasts to increase your breast size fast naturally.
In the event that you utilize the phyto-estrogens that natural supplements give appropriately and on the off chance that you utilize it alongside a decent eating methodology, you’ll have the capacity to securely and successfully make your boobs greater. Before you buy any natural supplement for common breast upgrade verifies you pick the right item, in light of the fact that they vary in quality and immaculateness benchmarks. Abstain from picking an item simply in light of the fact that it’s the least expensive and check on the off chance that they’ve got any great testimonials or a demonstrated record of value and achievement.

How to get bigger boobs naturally?

The breast improving activities will characteristically give your bosom a firmer and perkier appearance. Never drive yourself to hard with these activities, as you may wind up doing yourself more mischief than great. Generally speaking stop not long after you begin to feel muscle smolder. Be patient and you will begin to recognize your execution enhances, and your firm breasts will begin to create. An alternate incredible tip to further improve your breasts is think about buying as a push-up bra. This will help supplement your recently characterized upper body.

**Breast enhancement cream:**
These creams contain natural herbs and are also hormone based.
**How they work:**
The breast enhancement pills are supposed to be massaged externally. They directly enter the blood through our skin and show their effect. The breast enhancement cream is much safer option as they are not to be taken internally. The points to remember here are that they have to be massaged properly so that they get absorbed. The breast enhancement cream is also hormone based like they contain oestrogen hormone. Thus they directly cause enlargement by acting on our mamillary glands. The breast enhancement cream which is used also contains female sex hormones and shows their effect accordingly.

Advantages of breasts enhancement creams:

As discussed above, there are certain benefits of breast enhancement cream based enhancers. They are as follows:
1. It is a non-invasive process. No need of any surgery required.
2. It is relatively safer technique as nothing is ingested.
3. It acts directly on the applied area thus have reduced side effects as compared to other methods.
4. It acts on breasts mammary glands and show their effect.
5. The breast size is enlarged in few days when applied regularly.
Thus these are certain benefits because of which they have become extremely popular these days.
Swimming is a wonderful exercise to bring a beautiful shape to your breasts and keep them firm as the constant use of the arms and shoulder and the movement enables better blood circulation in that area to keep the skin from sagging and get good shaped boobs.
All in search of perfection – the hourglass figure
The ones who have undergone plastic surgeries need to be in contact with the surgeon for a life time. Do you need that? If you have that much of patience, why don’t you choose a natural way to increase your size? Learn the secrets to how to get bigger boobs naturally – Be safe and be healthy.

How To Take Control Of Your Health With These Simple Tips

We all know an age-old saying that ‘health is wealth’. It is 100% true that only a healthy person can accomplish whatever he wants. A healthy mind is possible only when you have a healthy body. If you are sick, you will become helpless and you need to postpone all your commitments. For example, if you are a student preparing for your board exam or competitive exams and fall sick, you cannot give your 100% time and effort to studies. It will hamper your results and your future plans badly.
No matter if you are a student, working person, homemaker, businessman, self-employed, or a new mother; we have to pay a huge price for it if we neglect our health. Falling sick will make you weak not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.
We all agree that falling sick is not in our hands. It could be because of many reasons which are out of our control. But we should only bother about the things that we can control. Our only aim should be to remember the importance of health and take every care to be healthy. We often experience that, we regret not taking enough care of ourselves and our health when we fall sick and we regret a lot for our negligence than falling sick when we are unhealthy.
All of us say one excuse that we are busy and occupied with so many tasks and we do not have time. Considering the impact of the negligence of health, we must take out time and keep ourselves healthy rather than finding an excuse for not doing it so.
Let us see some simple steps that we can take on a daily basis to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

**Move your body:** First and foremost important thing is exercise. Every day takes some time out and exercises without fail. It will help you avoid becoming obese, keep you active as blood flow will increase and moreover, you feel good about yourself as it keeps you in good shape. You can do yoga, aerobics, power yoga, Zumba dance or can pick anything that interests you.
We all feel lazy and tend to postpone exercising. Motivate yourself by reminding of the benefits of doing exercise daily. As almost every profession is involved with using computers, we stick to our chairs and screen for hours and hours. Researchers have proved that one of the primary reasons for many cardiovascular diseases is increased fat content in the body. You must take care of yourself to avoid such life-threatening situations and it is very important not to sit for hours without moving your body.


Be cautious about what you put in your mouth: What you put in your mouth

your body will process that and let you face the consequences of it. If you put natural and healthy food, you will enjoy good health. Always avoid processed food and street food that is not clean and hygiene which causes a lot of diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice etc.
Don’t give importance to taste of your tongue more as it is temporary. Put into your mouth healthy food like green leafy and fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Too much of non-vegetarian food is not good for health as the body needs to process it for hours and can cause fatty liver.
Give importance to the quantity of the food. Don’t eat too much or too less. Educate yourself by reading good authentic articles and follow as suggested.
Too much sugar content is also not good for health. Go for a balanced diet and small meals rather than one big meal at once. Even when you are busy, make a plan to see that you follow your food timings strictly. Put in extra effort to plan and consume only healthy food.

Drink enough water:

Always keep yourself hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water. It keeps your body temperature in equilibrium and sends out all the toxins out of your body. It keeps you healthy inside and outside.
Don’t neglect this even in your busy schedule. Following these basics right will not only keep you healthy but also keep you away from unnecessary problems.

Sleep well:

Nowadays, insomnia is the common problem we all face. Proper sleep helps you to rejuvenate your energy. It gives you the energy to work rest of the next day as during sleep all the body cells relax and get new energy. Insufficient sleep makes you feel drowsy and affects your productivity. It affects your health badly.
In this globalised era, almost many companies working 24/7. You may need to work in the nights. Be extra cautious and plan properly when you are doing night shifts to see that you get enough sleep during the day.
Do not get into a situation where you earn a lot at the cost of your health and again spend all that earnings for medical expenses.
Do whatever works for you to have better sleep. Good low music works for somebody, a cup of warm milk work for somebody and some want to read a book before going to bed. Keep your surroundings silent and dark before you go to bed.

Take care of your eyes:

Among all senses, eyes are of paramount importance. In this digitalized era, we all are living an average of 6 hours a day in the blue light. Rather than sunlight which helps the body in preparing D vitamin, we are spending our most of life in the blue light. It is the need of the hour to consciously make an effort to reduce our time spending with screens.
TV, computer or smartphone is taking away most of our time. Playing outside provides more benefits such as good exercise to your body and mind than getting addicted to screen.
Your eyes are the most affected part of the screens.
Even when it is necessary to spend hours of time in front of the screen as part of your job, take a few seconds of a break now and then and look away from your screen. Remember to blink your eyes as we tend to forget this completely. Use technology in your favour and not against you. You can set alarm to keep yourself reminded to take a break if you keep forgetting to look away and immerse in your work. Look at longer distances and try to see greenery if possible which makes your eyes feel relaxed.

Importance of Work Life Balance

Every organisation aims at increasing sales and reduce costs so that profits are ensured. For this the organisations expect that people work as and how they are required to work and get results. Companies should keep in mind that talented employees are more productive and profitable but there is a fine line between stretch goals and burnout even for talented resources.Finding new and efficient talent is always challenging and if an employee has to choose an organization to work with, flexibility at work and work life balance would be one of the choosing factors in these times.

What can excessive working hoursdo to the organization and the employee?

Talking about the implications of excessive working hours on the performance of employees and managers, every organisation today has its own way of working and the several employees have to work as per organisation demand. Many jobs require working for long hours and it is an indication of commitment to the organisation. There are many ways to define excessive work hours, some of which are extended hours per day, overtime at work, etc. Excessive working hours have an impact on employees well- being, job satisfaction, performance and being at the same workplace for a long time. Quite often it is practiced and has adverse effect like employees making more mistakes at work and decreasing efficiency. Working for excessive hours has a negative impact on the employee’s performance as well as their families, employer and community

For the employee, a few negative impacts of long working hours in personal life include less time for the family, stress and other personal life responsibilities. This affects the performance of the employee further by instilling them with fatigue and negative attitude which leads to poor performance. This again creates a bad impression of the employee on the employer. Extended working hours, especially in the cases where employees work for 24-hours shifts when the company needs, has impacts which result in reduced alertness, attention and medical indications. It’s revealed that employees exhibited substantial deterioration in alertness when working for longer work hours. Extended hours of work and use of mobile phone causes stress and the nerves of the neck get stretched due to sitting for long hours. This results in reduction of business and also the performance of employee.In such a case the employee is unable to manage his career and work life balance is lost.

Why is it important to Motivate and EncourageEmployees

The resources when working for long durations also feel largely demotivated when are made to work for longer hours without good incentives. For them to remain motivated the management should explain the employees their responsibilities and its importance for the organization. Where possible, employee suggestion should be considered and worked upon else the employees will work with lower efficiency and will not perform well. Employees should understand that when there is an economic down time, they are responsible for doing successful work and achieve the goals of their organization.

Apart from this, managers should work towards encouraging employees to work for excess hours. Some ways by which the manager can do this are, managers should take the lead and encourage the resource to finish the work on time, the employees should be given time management training and techniques, the employees should be taught to focus on the important activities first and the manager should encourage open communication.The Managers should have a clear vision and develop objectives accordingly with mutual consensus of the employees. He/She should instill confidence among employees to achieve their goal. These measures will keep the employees motivated. There are some managers want to know how a work life balance program will contribute to the organisation. Some want to incorporate work-life balance policy because it gives a value to the organization. They look for benefits such as improved retention, less turnover, higher productivity, improved morale, cost savings, greater commitment of the work force, healthy employees and becoming an employer of choice for employees, projecting oneself as people friendly and customer friendly company etc. When employee hardwork bears fruits, the managers should appreciate the hard work. A good manager should be responsible, vigilant and an effective decision maker. A good manager can show positives to employees working excess hours. Any situation that the employee has should be heard and measures should be taken to get rid of the grievance.

Excess work hours not only effect employees but also the employers and managers. When employees work overtime, it becomes the managers responsibility to see that the resource is doing fine and has to do the surveillance. When employees work over time, the managers have the responsibility to provide a suitable system for their work. The attitude of both employee and employer should be to work smarter than to work longer and harder.

To conclude, with changing economy and global markets, there is equal stress on employee and employer where both require to be flexible. This is important to maintain the key people in the organisation as well as to meet customer expectations. Employees should be given the benefit of flexibility and flexible working hours to keep their morale and productivity high and better deliver their services. Also this way the employees will be able to have a good work-life balance. Like there are two sides to a coin, there are various negative impacts of flexible working methodology as seen above. To regulate these negative consequences, the organisation needs to have proper management and organizational system. The employees should work to achieve organisation goals and in turn the employer should ensure that the resource personal lives should not be compromised and work-life balance is maintained. When the employer is able to provide his employee with a satisfactory work life balance, the employee remains motivated to work for the betterment of the organisation and this translates into a win-win relationship between the employee and the employer. It is the employers responsibility to ensure that during an economic crisis situation that the organisation faces, the resources of the company should be used judiciously and roles and responsibility of every resource is clearly defined. This makes work to be done effectively and efficiently